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Cicada Song finds it's audience!

A bit of striking news!  As most artists strive to connect with an audience, it is a difficult task to spread the word on limited resources, mainly social media.  We try to find our audience by blasting advertisements out into the world hoping someone connects with the material and it DOES work… mostly.  We have spent a lot of time creating advertisements on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as many others to gather an audience of humble size with a decent return as we are still able to write checks to you (as small as they may be).  But in October, Kim received a notification about Cicada Song in her Google Alerts.  When we opened the page, we found ourselves on a TOP 9 LIST in an online Australian Pride Magazine listing best pride based films to watch.  When we opened the YouTube link (WE ARE PRIDE), we were surprised to find nearly 95,000 views in only 1 month!  A week later, Kim received another alert.  Another Australian Pride magazine… this time it was a top 4 list (Not sure why it’s 9 and 4 but it adds more weight to the list… probably an Australian thing… who knows… Anyway…)!  Over the past 3 months we are currently at 175,000 views and growing at approximately 750 – 1,000 views per day.  Combined with our previous numbers (Amazon, IRYouTube, Roku, etc.), over 260,000 views have been logged Globally.  I hope this will continue for years to come, and although the payout isn’t exorbitant, it is more than we have seen in the past year… and I am pleased.  It is always amazing when you find your audience.  But it’s even better when they find you!  My thanks to Indie Rights Movies for licensing our film to a larger platform with a Global audience.  And my thanks to you for your patience and good faith!  Keep spreading the word!

To watch on the Pride platform (no English subtitles):

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